Nurses don’t usually use the word miracle, but for the “W” family, Micah, was their saving grace.

So much has changed over the past year. But many things have not – like the strength and resiliency we see around us, and our gratitude for our patients and employees.

On October 25th, the emergency department was extremely busy with staff working around the clock caring for patients. One this day, a five-year-old child came into the ER suffering from anaphylactic shock from a reaction to milk that was given to her at school.

Micah Maxton, ER Nurse, was the nurse on duty, who was able to quickly attend to the child. She was anxious and scared, since this was her first time to the emergency department. Her friends were eager to stay by her side, but unfortunately, they were not allowed in the ER.

With Micah’s kind heart and love for his profession, he reassured the young child that she was safe, and he would not leave her side.

The family stated, “We want to let you know how much we appreciated your compassion, professionalism, and love of care given to our daughter. She was in great distress and you comforted her during her time of need.”

The young child is aspiring to be physician assistant. The family added, “You have provided her with a firsthand look at the kind of medical professional she wants to be in life.”

Micah saved this young child’s life and has made an impact on her future.

Though most allergic reactions that occur at the school are mild, Roxborough Memorial Hospital staff prepares annually to respond to severe cases. In addition to educating himself on the issue, Micah educates the families and patients on food allergies and how parents can create a safety plan if their child has severe allergies.

To learn more about Micah visit  A Dose of Hope .