Neighborhood Veterans Donate ‘Salute Our Heroes’ Shirts to Healthcare Workers

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When the pandemic paused normal life, local neighboring veterans stepped up with innovative ways to support Roxborough Memorial Hospital. The local Philadelphia veterans from VFW Post 333, NVA, AL Post 680, generously donated 500 “Salute Our Heroes” shirts to the Roxborough Memorial Hospital frontline staff caring for patients with COVID-19.

The shirts were met with gratitude from staff. Dawn Stewart, Manager of Performance Improvement, Roxborough Memorial Hospital, said, “The employees have been deeply touched by the support from our neighborhood veterans. It is wonderful to know the very community we serve and care for is doing the same for us.”

The veterans raise funds for veteran needs and community support projects throughout the year and wanted to show their support to the hospital. The effort started in early April and aimed to build the spirits of the hospital frontline staff. A local printing company created the artwork with the help of the veterans.

Mike Zacniewski of the NVA, AL Post 680 said, “At a time when businesses were starting to shift their focus to reopening, we wanted healthcare workers to know that supporting them is still a top priority. They have been working non-stop, so we just hope that by receiving these shirts, they realize they are not forgotten. They now have a new shirt to sport, thanks to veteran fundraisers supported many local businesses.”

Many of the veterans have been receiving care at the hospital for years. “The hospital is extremely near and dear to so many of our hearts,” said Joe McManus, NVA, VFW Post 333, AL Post 680 Member. “Many of us have been patients of Roxborough Memorial, for serious and non-serious medical issues. Now, more than ever, the staff needs our help, so we thought this would be the perfect way to show our support.”

During the event, the veterans presented a heartwarming message to the frontline staff at the hospital.

“On Behalf of the veteran’s community of Roxborough and Manayunk, especially the proud members of the Hattal Taylor Post 333 VFW, the Northwest Veterans Association and the American Legion Cahill-Cholerton Post 680, we want to thank the entire staff, including doctors, nurses, technicians, and the ever dedicated staff support, for their devoted service to our community and heroic efforts during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. As such, please accept these remembrance tee shirts as a reminder of your outstanding service to our community during these challenging times. We veterans salute your service and thank you!”

Businesses, organizations, families, and individuals are finding creative and meaningful ways to show appreciation and support for those providing COVID-19 care. It is so appreciated by those on the receiving end.

While recognizing staff as heroes will not lessen the impact COVID-19 has on the hospital, it definitely helped buoy the morale of the men and women who serve inside.

Veteran Attendees:

Hugh Sinnott – Commander – VFW Post 333

Mike Zacniewski – President – NVA; AL Post 680 Member

Mike McFall – Sr. Vice-Commander – VFW Post 333

Jim Williamson – NVA, VFW Post 333, AL Post 680 Member

George Evans – NVA, AL Post 680 Member

Joe McManus – NVA, VFW Post 333, AL Post 680 Member